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Five handbag worth $ 69,500 in federal litigation center
Birmingham, MI - New Jersey claiming Michigan luxury fake celine bags auto buyers refuse to pay five extraordinarily expensive handbags in the initial down payment to be shipped to say.

North Bergen, New Jersey dealers only authentic, limited liability company raised in Detroit Anthony Aubrey and his Woodward Avenue business real estate and jewelry buyers Birmingham federal court appeal last month, last week submitted a parts of the motion, fake celine bags cheap grab handbags.

Only genuine dealer Charles Rogers claimed that the bag by the Parisian luxury goods maker Hermes is worth $ 69,500, while he agreed in May after a series of text messages and e-signature contract of $ 61,500 sold to Aubrey

This bag, priced at $ 4,000 $ 18,000 $ 20,000 deposit delivered after the fake celine bags usa agreement is based on the remaining $ 41,500 will be provided by the May 26 payment, according to the complaint in every room.

Never pay the balance and the bag, and later sold to Smith Jewelers in Baltimore less than the original price, according to the lawsuit.

"The representative said (Aubrey) will pay the balance to be false,
Because he sold to a third party, Smith jeweler at a lower cost than he buys
From the plaintiff, show intent, he does not intend to pay the fake celine bags china balance, but
In order to seek the plaintiff's loss of profits, "lawyer argued that only genuine" complaints.

Smith jeweler told Rogers handbag after being sent back, Aubrey disputes exposure.

Only genuine asked the court to order the return of Aubrey either bags or pay $ 124,500, on the grounds that Michigan law requires thrice theft, misappropriation or conversion of the property to other cases people use to cover actual losses.

Aubrey told The Detroit News that he did not pay, because Rogers owed him money fake celine bags for sale from a previous purchase, and he sold all the bags.